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268                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

Pelham has spoken to Nepean, and was to
see Lord St. Vincent to-day, not having fonnd
him at home sooner. Nepean and Lord St.
Vincent have had some conversation concerning
me, but they cannot take the business under
consideration till matters of greater importance
are settled. Nepean is most zealous and friendly.

Higgins says there is a letter arrived to a
Mr. Miller, announcing the safety of all the crew
of the Babet. By that I should imagine they have
been shipwrecked. I care not, so he is safe.

February zqth*

Nepean has just written to me in a style you
must like: "I am a father, and can therefore par-
ticipate in your feelings on the news of your son's
safety; long may he live! I am sure he will be
an honour to his name."

The King is very ill; it is reported he is
mad, and that Willis attends him. We are in
a strange situation, half a ministry in and half
another out. Pitt and Dundas are said to be
overwhelmed with debt.